Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hi all - Wendy here updating for Heather:   After yesterday's upsetting news in regards to Asher's care, there are some positive changes on the horizon.    Heather, being the amazing advocate that she is for Asher, sent out a text message that she is asking for a transfer to Sick Kids.   I don't have specifics, she indicated it was a very long "gothic type horror story." I do know that Liz (the NP) has been on the phone to Sick Kids arranging the transfer.   I also know that Sick Kids has ordered a fat free diet for Asher because he's showing all the signs of chylo and a fat free diet is the treatment.   Heather's response "this feels better already".

As of now I do not know when Asher will be transferred or how.   When I hear, I'll update again.   Keep them in your thoughts and prayers please that this happens very soon and that Sick Kids gets to the bottom of Asher's rhythm issues and grey colour.


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Allison said...

Thanks for updating again - I was hoping that Heather would be able to get the ear of Sick Kids. Heather, I hope the Jelly Bellies hit the spot - and that Sick Kids can do for Asher what is necessary and appropriate. Hope you guys enjoy the movies...