Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UN. FREAKING. BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, the surgery's done. i talked to the surgeon and guess what!! he actually described the surgery as, and i quote, "uneventful." i don't fully understand that yet; i'm not quite sure how "asher" and "uneventful" go together... but i'm not complaining! this has never happened before, and i can't believe it, but yeah! UNEVENTFUL!!!

we should be able to get in to see him in a little bit. they wanted to extubate him before sending him to the unit, so we have to wait a little bit. the tube that connects the inferior vena cava (IVC) to the right pulmonary vein (RPA) had to curve a little bit due to the Coles that he had in 2008, but the echo showed great flow, no kinks or folds in the tube.

so, this is very exciting. (understatement of the year. i've already celebrated with a cold can of coke and fries with gravy.) it remains to be seen how he recovers, but rest assured i will keep you posted. :)

so thank-you, everyone, for the prayers/good vibes/positive energy/whatever it is you do. it really helped. :)

and an extra-special uber thank-you to wendy and diane who came to spend the day with us here. you're amazing women; thanks so much for your friendship... and lattes. ;)


Shawn Van Daele said...

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING :) You've all been in my thoughts all day!!!

Steph said...

Great news! Uneventful.... huh.


Tanna said...

YAY!!!!! thats all I can say. and I know what its like to see that 100% up on the monitor.... amazing!