Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and i can breathe again :)

well, here we are in toronto. we got here shortly after lunch today, and let me tell you, within minutes of arriving, i was feeling better.

once we got settled in a bit, dr russell (whom i adore!) came in to see us. and you should know that, while she and i spoke, she was turned to face his monitor the whole time... the monitor which was showing his heart rate in the high 50s. and doing the beat beat pause thing. yeah.

dr r filled me in on their view of things: at this time, they don't think asher needs to be paced, but they're going to monitor him for a few days, see how he does and figure out exactly what's going on, run some tests, that sort of thing. but we're definitely here for more than a couple days. she used the phrases "over the weekend" and "hopefully you'll be home by the first of april." honestly, i'm not looking forward to another loooong admission (we're already at the end of day 8), but they're going to take this time to come up with a good plan which will address all of asher's new little quirks.

and this is all absolutely wonderful, if you ask me!

and i already have a pile of information about arrhythmia and such in asher's room as i type this, and i'm going to read through it tonight. surprised?

oh! and you might like to know (at least those of you who will understand this tidbit), that asher's sats this afternoon/evening were - sit down before you read this - 96 to 98%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for those of you who don't understand that... THAT'S NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mind you, his HR is still in the 50s, but at least his sats are spectacular!!! dr caldarone, i think i love you!!!

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