Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Update

Hi Everyone

Wendy here, one of Heather's friend's....Heather asked me to do a little blog update for her today.   Don't worry, Asher is just fine.   I'm updating because Blithe and Bram are up at Sick Kids visiting with her and Asher and they've got a full day of catching up to do.

I lack the eloquence that Heather has when she writes, so bear with me. 

Asher did not have to go for an x-ray last night.   He drained out A LOT of fluid once they put his remaining drain back on suction.   His resp rate has gone down to pretty much normal and I'm sure he's feeling better.   (and it was agreed that they were just a little too aggressive with the chest tube removal/turning off of the suction).  However....the fluid that is draining is starting to show some indicators for Chylothorax.   For those of you who aren't heart moms and aren't familiar with the term, here's a brief description:

Chylothorax:   is a medical condition in which a fluid known as chyle accumulates in the cavity which surrounds the lungs, making it difficult for the lungs to inflate.  Chyle is a byproduct of digestion which normally drains away through lymph ducts in the chest. When these ducts become blocked, the fluid can spill over into the pleural cavity, leading to chylothorax.  In some cases, chylothorax can resolve itself, but it may be necessary to insert a tube to allow the fluid to drain, and maintain a fat free diet until symptoms improve.

Well, Heather would have done a much better job describing that, but it gives you the idea.   Asher has had this before, so they are familiar with it.   He's right on the cusp of when they would test for it post-op (4-5 days).  I'm sure Heather will post the results of any testing.

Beyond that, Asher is still satting around 89 - 91, which is pretty darn good for someone who has a lot of fluid draining from his chest (and WAY higher than pre-Fontan).  He's also got a lot of other fluid on board and the hope is that the diuretics start doing their job soon.   Asher has started to eat and drink a little and I heard he even sat up in his bed briefly all on his own!   Isn't he so amazing? 

He's still pretty sad, but hopefully a good visit with Bram and Blithe today will bring out some smiles and giggles and lift his spirits.   He has had an amazing recovery from a very major surgery.   Please keep him in your prayers or send out some positive thoughts for him and for Heather that he continues his recovery with no surprises and no major bumps.   Also pray/positive thought for his broken heart (sadness) to improve, I know it would mean so much to Heather to have her mischievious, wonderful, little Asher acting like himself and telling it to her like it is.


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