Monday, March 8, 2010

so, um, yeah, about the last post...

disregard it.

because within an hour of publishing that post, asher was back to his usual self. chatty, smiling, "i just love you, mommy," "i want play with train table, mommy"... yeah. his colour is better (though still on the pale side, but much better), his appetite is coming back, he's drinking more... yeah. sorry for the scare. i was terrified last night, but as of this afternoon, we're just waiting for the draining to stop. it's getting slower, so i'm thinking we'll only be here a few more days. (frankly, i'm holding out for thursday and joanna's yummy-sounding peanut butter and banana muffins. LOL)


Mom said...

Don't rush it! Make sure he's well and truly healing before you take him home.

ChristophersHeart said...

Glad to hear he's up and playing! way to go superman!

Any talk of getting his last tube out or is it still draining a lot?

tell him I'm so proud of him - up and playing, smiling again AND drinking!