Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on Asher re fluid intake

Hi, Gayle here, (Heather's Mom).

We were at Sick Kids this afternoon to visit Heather and Asher.  By "we", I mean Edwin, Dave (Heather's Dad), Blithe, Bram, my Mom and me.  I think we (the adults) were all a bit unsettled to see that Asher has lost his "spark".  Hopefully this will return soon.

When we got home, I got a call from Heather with an update on Asher.

The staff is quite concerned about the amount of fluid that Asher is taking in.  Apparently he's supposed to take in 910 ml of fluid per day.  As of 6:30 this evening, he had taken in 334 ml.  Because he's taking 2 diuretics and still has substantial drainage from his chest, there is a real danger of dehydration. 
They are going to reassess him at 9 o'clock.  If Asher has not taken in a signifcant amount of fluid by that time, there are 2 options -- IV or NG tube. 

Heather talked to Asher about this.  He definitely does not want either an IV or a tube in his nose.  So he has felt motivated to drink 114 ml of apple juice and some chocolate milk in the past little while.  Hopefully he will drink some more before 9 o'clock so drastic measures don't need to be taken.

Needless to say, this was discouraging for Heather to hear and will be very uncomfortable for Asher to endure either another IV or an NG tube.  Please continue to pray for Asher, in particular, that he will drink more fluids so he doesn't need to undergo this added discomfort.  And also pray for strength for Heather.  She is very tired.  And I know that it's very difficult for her to see Asher looking so unlike himself. 

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ChristophersHeart said...

Thinking of you both and hoping that Super Man starts drinking lots and lots of fluids and can avoid the IV or NG. Hopefully the fact that he's old enough to know what they are will motivate him to drink enough.
Sending lots of love and hugs to you both