Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chest Tube is in

Wendy again - Asher was heavily sedated last night and a chest tube was placed.   Heather is heartbroken because that drain on the right side drained 250ml within 5 minutes and it's still draining.   For those that don't know about the world of chest tubes, that is A LOT of fluid to drain out over a few hours, let alone within 5 minutes.   This likely explains why Asher was having chest pains and difficulty breathing.  Heather said that the PCCU doc doesn't think the drain should come out in the morning, he'd rather leave it in at least all day, then take it from there to avoid another admission/tube insertion in a week.

Please keep praying for Asher and Heather.   Hospital admissions are very tough & mentally exhausting even when you know it's necessary.   Let's hope that all the fluid comes out today and they are on their home very soon.

p.s   I'm sure Heather would never turn down coffee or poutine for those that know where they are and have her cell to reach her :)   Comfort food does wonders for ones' spirit.

UPDATE FROM HEATHER: wendy forgot two things. i take my coffee black. and i also accept chai lattes. LOL

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