Saturday, June 20, 2009

emerg update

so, as i said in the last post, i took asher to emerg tonight. i took him to our local hospital b/c his paeds in on call this week, so i felt comfortable taking him there.

well, with the waiting room packed, dozens of people waiting, asher was taken right in and put in his own room. the room, coincidentally, looked freakishly like an operating room, complete with giant light above the bed. and i say "freakishly" because, well, asher freaked out. he did NOT like that room. and he REALLY did not like that light. the one right above the bed. yeah. i have never seen him that upset in emerg before, which is saying something, given how much time he has spent in emerg.

anyhoo... the doc came in, and checked him out. i gave her a VERY brief history of asher (why do i keep forgetting about his looooooooooooong history of congestive heart failure? i mean, really, he's always right on the verge of it, and he's on so many meds for it. specifically, ALL his meds save domperidone treat it.) anyhoo.....

i guess this doc has never seen a toddler with CHF, so she was almost ready to admit him! LOL she asked me what i'd think about staying, and i said, "it's just CHF... i've dealt with that at home for 2.5 years. we usually just up his diurretic and go for follow-up. i don't really think he needs to be admitted for this." she didn't seem convinced.

we also went for an infection in his tube site. it's been getting uglier and uglier over the last week. and by now we all know about his wonky immune system, and how he really can't handle bacterial infections (or viral ones, either, but that's a whole other story). so, during my discussion with the doc about his tube site and such, i said, and i quote, "and i know the usual antibiotic for this type of infection is keflex, but it doesn't do anything for asher. we try it every time, and it never works." so she asked what usually does the trick, and i told her that cipro ends up being the med of choice.

so she went and discussed all of this with dr b. she said not to bother admitting him, but that she'd be on the ward in the morning, and if i wanted to bring him in to see her, that's cool. she also said, "listen to mom. keflex doesn't work. go with cipro instead." hooray for paeds!!!!! :)

so.... asher's home tonight, about to get his first dose of cipro, and i'm not sure, but he just might be going over to the hospital in the morning, just for a quick visit with "docter tollee" but i haven't decided yet for sure. but there you go. our evening. :)

and now, after re-reading what i've written, it sounds like my chat with the doc was, um, somewhat confrontational. it really wasn't. it was actually quite pleasant. in fact, she reminded me of my favourite emerg doc in london, so it was all good. :) i know this doc just hasn't dealt with anyone quite like asher before. and in the end, she listened to me, and that's a good thing. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

i suppose he might have a point.... *might* have a point... i'm not saying he's right. but he might be. ;)

our dinner conversation tonight:
me: seriously, is there anything better than hash browns?!
asher: yes.
me: oh, really? what?
asher: me!!!
and on another quick note: i'm taking him to emerg tonight. his paeds is on call in town here, so we're going there. his tube site is looking pretty bad, and his nurse this morning recommended taking him to see the doc. and he's uber pale lately (see the pic), with blue spells, sweating, puffiness and SOB. :( so, i'm taking him in to get checked out, and i'll post sometime this weekend with the verdict.