Friday, March 5, 2010

the daily news

well, this morning has been nice. asher's drainage is slowing significantly, and one of the tubes will actually be coming out today!! last night they took out one of the IVs in his hand, and the other will likely come out today. they had left it in so that they would have it for an extra diurretic... but his puffiness is now almost gone, so no extra diurretic!! the HCT is doing a wonderful job on its own, so they're leaving it.

we're hoping to see immunology today (ok, they are. i know i'll be more lost after the consult than i am now!) so they can get some answers about his t-cells.

as for his intake, well, yesterday i ordered all three meals for him, and all he ate was half a fry. this morning, though, he helped me pick out his breakfast, and he actually ate most of a hashbrown and drank some chocolate milk (he's getting whatever he wants right now to inspire some eating... we'll see how well it works for lunch).

he still doesn't want to move or talk. he pretty much just lies in his bed holding on to his monkey and watching treehouse. we tried going for a walk last night, but he didn't want to. he only walked about 10 feet and was protesting the whole way. this is the hardest part, seeing him like this. it's just not what he's like. mind you, i completely understand. if i'd been through what he's been through this week, i'd be more than a little sad, so i'm just trying to keep him as happy as possible, spoiling him rotten, cuddling with him as much as possible, and telling him how brave and strong he is. he'll get past this. i think he just wants to go home.

on that note, we're not going home today, but i'm hoping for monday, since they don't like weekend discharges. we'll see. anyway, it's time for lunch, so i'll talk to you later! :)

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Kerri said...

Just got caught up on Asher's little life! I'm Mary Clare's mom and thought I'd pop in to say hello. I'm thrilled to have found your site. MC will have her Fontan this summer, and seeing how well little Asher is handling it really inspires me! (Well as "well" as open heart surgery can be, I guess, right?)

Thanks so much for sharing your journey, it helps me tremendously to see another family go through this and actually be "okay!" What a little miracle these kiddos are! I look forward to following little Asher!

I will certainly be watching and hoping everything continues to go so well!
Love, Kerri Pennington