Monday, March 1, 2010

the day before surgery...

well, asher and i hit the road tomorrow morning at 5. because your baby having open heart surgery isn't rough enough, you have to be sleep-deprived, as well. lol ah, well. that's why there's a starbucks AND tim horton's in the hospital. and that's why there's foot prints on the floor to lead you to timmy's... because you're so exhausted you can't follow directions. just bright orange footprints. clearly designed by a parent who knows... lol

anyway, i thought i would tell you about another exciting research opportunity we were given today. a cardio fellow called this afternoon, and apparently they're studying bloodflow in collateral vessels before and after the fontan. asher will go in for an MRI before the surgery, and from there he will be taken to the OR for his fontan. what an exciting opportunity this is, for asher to be involved in furthering our knowledge of these complex little hearts and helping to develop new strategies and treatments which could keep kids like asher alive.

in the meantime, in 12 hours, asher will be in the OR. and i will be sitting in the waiting room, staring at the door and praying that dr c doesn't walk in for several more hours. so please remember us tomorrow in your prayers/good vibes/positive thoughts/whatever you do. thanks so much! :)


Constance said...

Hello. I'm Joy Wendling's cousin Connie sending you and Asher lots of prayers for tomorrow...which I see by the clock is today. Bless you, friend of a friend. We'll be supporting in prayer from Bracebridge, Ontario.
Connie Knighton

Hope's Blog said...

I have to agree with the sleep deprivation...and the Starbucks. No Tim Horton here, but plenty of other sugar-rich foods are available.

You are in my thoughts and prayers...especially tomorrow.

Steph said...

Thinking of you and Asher today, Heather.