Friday, March 5, 2010

this is going on the sidebar, too, but i don't want you to miss this quotation, because it's great.
But the days pass in their swirl and whirl and swing and song, and every day he doesn't die again, and that knocks me out.       - Brian Doyle, in The Wet Engine

it's so wonderful because it's true. in just this one sentence, he captured the essence of heart parenting: the chaos, the stress, the joy, the beauty... all of it. (and for those unfamiliar with this book, it is all about the heart. the physical heart, but also emotional, spiritual, poetic and musical. it is truly is a stunning piece of writing.)

and by the way... the author has a son (about whom he wrote that sentence) with HRHS (hypoplastic right heart syndrome). amazing.

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