Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a normal, hum-drum kind of miracle

something very strange has been happening around here lately...

Asher is growing up.

he's six-and-a-half now; he'll be starting grade two in september. and in december, he'll turn seven.



i know. i can't believe it, either. *shakes head*

this time two years ago, i couldn't bring myself to say, "in a few months, he'll turn five." i suppose this is what "stable" feels like...

what normal lives like...

he was sitting next to me the other day, as he often does. he was playing on the computer, as he often does. and something about him in that moment...

he was playing with Bram the other day, as he often does. they were planning out lego star wars attacks on lego batman goons, as they often do. and something about him in that moment...

he was helping with grocery shopping the other day, as he often does. he ran ahead to grab the milk, as he often does. and something about him in that moment...

i caught a glimpse of him, as he will be

when he's older

when he's grown

when he's a young man.

and in those moments, those massive, insignificant moments, my breath caught in my throat, and i couldn't move, and i couldn't speak, and i couldn't take my eyes off him. there was such magic in those moments.

in the ordinary, everyday, inconsequential miracle of those moments.

in the day-to-day, ho-hum of life.

and in the living room, and in the play room, and in the grocery store, i knew

i knew

that Asher just might make it.

he could grow up, and live an ordinary life, and have a job, and drive a car, and break hearts date girls, and follow his passions, and make dinner, and tell stories, and hang out with friends, and drink coffee, and fall in love,

and change the world

and change a life

and live his life

however long that may be.

and it will be long enough,

however long it may be.

because, as he sat there, playing on the computer, he had no thought of his heart, no thought of his scars, no thought of his doctors and surgeon and appointments and hospital admissions and feeding tubes and meds and pacemaker.

he just wanted to beat that level of Candy Crush Saga (don't we all?). he just wanted Batman to destroy Darth Vader (for obvious reasons). he just wanted to help with shopping (because he's like that).

and this is what his life is now, and this is what his life will be like (for) now, and this is what normal life is like

all the time

for everyone.

each of us lives this kind of ho-hum, ordinary, day-to-day miracle.

the best kind of miracle.

the normal kind of miracle. when you go to sleep at night, and you wake up in the morning, and go about your day, and go to sleep at night, and wake up in the morning, and go about your day, and so on, and so forth.

that's Asher's life (for) now. and it's kind of amazing.

because it really, really isn't.


i'm sure some of you are wondering what we've been up to since i last posted here. i'll post more about that on My Simple Life later, but for now, here's the Coles Notes version:

  • we're homeschooling. (and Asher has been remarkably healthy since i took him out of school, so i really believe this is best for him.)
  • like i said, he'll be starting grade two in september, Bram will be doing grade four, and Blithe will be in grade six, and i'll be having a mid-life crisis, because i'm not ready for any of them to be this old.
  • i've started doing make-up, mostly for theatre, but also some bridal, and photography, and video. i'll be doing a couple book covers in the next couple weeks, followed hard upon by a show called DREAM, which is a re-imagining of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Blithe has joined the music and drama teams in the kids' section of our church, and she's doing very well with that, especially the drama. that girl can act!
  • Bram is obsessed with all things Lego.
  • Asher has mastered an english accent, and uses it sometimes when he's telling stories that have more than one character.
  • and the house is still a mess, and i still love cooking but not baking, and we still have two cats.
and there you have it. you're now basically caught up on our lives now. haha! i'm going to post more often here again now. i'll warn you, though: don't expect too many pictures. i wanted to share one with you today, but Asher didn't want me to, and since it's his blog, i will respect his wishes there. but seriously, he's so grown up, you probably wouldn't even recognize him! and holy cuteness!! i mean, i know i'm biased, but seriously! adorable!!!

anyway, that's it for now... talk soon! promise.