Wednesday, March 3, 2010

holy recovery, batman!!!

so, yeah, remember what i wrote this morning about going to the ward tomorrow? yeah. forget that.

BECAUSE WE'RE ALREADY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they moved us up to step-down this morning, and tonight we're going to be IN OUR OWN ROOM!!!!!!!

pain is stil an issue, so he's getting morphine, tylenol and catorolec (sp? if you know, please tell me. lol), so that will help. he's still getting clear fluids, and doing reasonably well with them, so they've ordered "diet as tolerated" for supper tonight. can you believe that?!?! as for sats... oxygen is turned off, and asher is sitting comfortably and pinkly in the low 90s. absolutely incredible!!!

art line is out, CVL (in jugular) and a couple lines in his hand are still there. but they're thinking of taking out the CVL tomorrow. drainage is almost stopped entirely, and asher really wants his pacing wires out.

also, i got a chance to see dr caldarone again today. a few months ago, around the time i wrote his letter, i created a little art-y piece inspired by the OR. he was really appreciative... and i did notice that the colour scheme matched a couple other things in his office, so that cool. a tad serendipitous, i'd say. he really enjoyed the quotation, and noticed that the heart, which was notably wonky on the left side (which also amused him), was stitched up. it's quite a lovely piece, if i do say so, myself (and yes, my crafty friends... i used BG paper on it).

i explained that, to cope, i have to either laugh or create something pretty out of it, so as i was thinking about the OR, i made this for him. and the quote says,
inside this room, all of my dreams become realities and some of my realities become dreams.                 - Gene Wilder

have a great day, everyone! :)

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ChristophersHeart said...

Awesome! Wow, that's great they've pulled tubes/wires already and love those sats! Glad you gave Dr. C the heart :)
That's wonderful that he's not draining much...does this mean no Chyle? That would be great!! Love thatyou'll be in your own room on the floor tonight....some much needed quiet for you both to rest, relax and recover. At this rate you'll be gone before I get up there Saturday!
Way to go Asher, you are amazing little dude <3