Sunday, March 15, 2009

some pics, to make the men-folk proud! LOL

oh, he's gonna kill me for this when he's older! LOL he put blithe's hat on this afternoon and was walking around looking so "pretty" i couldn't resist! ;) and, you'll note, it's two different hats! LOL this kid of mine!

and we're home! :)

yesterday we missed rounds, but that was when they decided that asher could be discharged.

asher responded very well to the new meds, with no major blips in his blood pressure. and his heart rate only shot up a couple times, so they're content to send us home.

mind you, we have to see cardio for weekly check-ups for the next 6 weeks, to check heart rate and BP. his carvedilol needs to be titrated up over the next several weeks to get him to a full dose, and they need to monitor him while they do that.

and to do that, we'll either have to make weekly trips to toronto, which, other than the cost involved, i don't mind. or... i have to call london and switch cardios. which i'm not looking forward to. ugh. ah, well. so it goes with asher!

as for the pic here, this was taken by our good friend SR in asher's happy place, the playroom on 4D. his favourite thing there is the Hungry Hungry Hippos. in fact, when i told him on thursday morning that we were going to SickKids, he said, "hippos!!!" and ran for his hoodie! LOL

so there you go, we're home, asher's now on 3 BP meds, and they're all working. and he's adorable. ;) have a great march break everyone! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 2

so, we started Ramapril last night. this is the ACE-Inhibitor that they're starting asher on instead of Enalapril. it should help him by strengthening the heart muscle and lowering the pressures in his heart. that's the goal. once those pressures come down, he'll be in a better place for the fontan.

today we'll be started on a beta blocker (but i don't remember which one). this will take 6 weeks to get us up to the full dose. it will also require weekly check-ups with cardiology to check heart rate and blood pressure.

one minor glitch in that, however, is that currently, we're being followed here, which would mean weekly trips here. so i'm going to be calling london cardio and seeing about switching docs there, and then i'll feel more comfortable dealing with them. because i really don't feel like driving all the way to toronto every week for HR and BP. i'd rather just drive to london. but given the choice between our current london cardio and dr russell, i'll take dr russell, thank-you very much.

ok, i should go. time is limited here at the moment, and i'm completely exhausted today. i'll post more when i know more. ttyl! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

well, we're here....

that's about all i have to report so far! LOL

we got here safely, traffic was fine. we registered at the desk on 4D and asher ran straight into the playroom to play "hippos" (hungry hungry hippos). and......

for the first time ever......

i ordered lunch for Asher!!!!

and he ate it!!!!!

without problems!!!!!!

mac & cheese.

ok, i know, not the healthiest food there is, but hey, it's really just bonus calories right now anyway, and as long as he doesn't drown on it, i'm not being picky! lol

and next time you're on 4D, look around for a gorgeous pic of my gorgeous boy!!! :)

anyhoo... that's all for now. ttyl! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the plan, for now

dr russell (toronto cardio) called last night, and said that they had discussed asher in conference. apparently, the pressures in his heart are too high for the fontan right now, so they're going to start him on a couple meds: an ACE inhibitor, similar to enalapril (which he's on), but should help to strengthen the heart muscle, and a beta blocker. if these meds work the way they're expecting, asher should be ready for the fontan in the next few months. in the meantime, however, dr russell isn't comfortable starting him on the meds at home, so we're being admitted on thursday to 4D and staying the weekend. she just wants to keep an eye on him while they start this, for some observation, and so that if anything "asher-ish" happens, they can deal with it. i'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 9, 2009

a quick heads-up

dr russell called this afternoon. she's presenting asher in conference right now, and she'll call tonight with the plan. so stay tuned........