Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on Asher

Wendy here - Heather asked me to update (so clearly she has forgiven my high jacking of her blog :)

Asher's pocket of fluid on the right side (the one that was noticed at clinic last week and was still present yesterday at clinic) has gotten bigger.   His chest hurts and it hurts to breathe.  Cardiology has spoken to radiology.   They've been admitted to the PCCU at Children's hospital and shortly they will be placing a chest tube to drain the fluid.   They'll be there overnight and if the drainage has slowed by morning, they will hopefully get to go home.   Asher's O2 sats are great at 97%.   Dr. C will be consulted in the morning, which is good because he's amazing, knows Asher VERY well and Heather trusts him.

Prayers and positive thoughts that the fluid drains out tonight and this is a short stay and that they both get a much deserved break very soon.

Thank you

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