Thursday, March 4, 2010

because it's never straightforward in asherland...

yesterday it looked like asher's drainage was slowing down, but it turns out... not so much. it's just that there were clots high up in the tubes. the nurse last night milked them out, and suddenly there was tons of drainage. and i mean, she got 60mls (2 oz) out, and 20 mins later, got out another 20mls. it's still clear red, which means (for those who know) no chylothorax. so that's a relief. but asher's right lung is crackly and his breathing is very shallow, due to the fluid and pain.

he's back to getting morphine, tylenol and katorelac (i still spelled that wrong, but i'm getting closer, right? lol). pain management and drainage are really the only issues now. so that's awesome! :)

he was also nauseous and vomiting last night, and that was yucky, not to mention painful for him. but i'm going to order him something to eat now, so we'll see how he does with that. nothing big. just something little and easy on his stomach, since he still hasn't eaten. he's been taking some ginger ale and i think that's helping.

oh, and before i go, just one more thing...


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