Friday, June 20, 2008


not again!

tube came out. we're going to the hospital at 4:00 to get it replaced... again.

seriously, when is he going to get the idea that eating by mouth is infinitely better than tube feeds? is anyone else sick of all this, or is it just me?

i'll keep you posted.

ps - please pray for a couple of heart kids:

Dominic (HRHS): had his Fontan on Tuesday, and he's doing really well. he's already up on 4D! go dominic go! he's in a lot of pain, and his sats are still low, so as of yesterday he was getting lots of pain meds and has those pesky nasal prongs (which he hates - don't they all). so keep sending prayers and good vibes and whatever else you do.

Owen (transplant): in hospital right now with possible sepsis. at the moment, they're still waiting for the blood culture results. remember sepsis? yeah, it sucks, and can do a lot of nasty things. those buggies like to play on stents, shunts, grafts, you know, really whatever's in there, especially if it isn't there in a healthy heart. and, blood goes everywhere, which means it's carrying this infection everywhere. that's not so good. owen is likely immunocompromised due to the transplant, so his body isn't very good at fighting off infections. please pray for him, that the culture will be negative (asher's cultures have come back negative several times, and he looked really bad, so it can happen, my friends!). also, tomorrow is owen's 2nd birthday, and he'll be in hospital. he already spent his 1st b-day in hospital, so this is a rather discouraging, especially for the family. so please pray for them, too.

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