Sunday, June 29, 2008

does asher know what coffee does to the heart?! i mean, really! lol

so, in case you were unaware, asher loves coffee. have i mentioned that here before? (i know a certain cardiologist who would be so proud if he heard this story... anyhoo...) well, one morning this week, as mom and i were finishing up our coffees, asher pulled himself up at the table, and, instead of asking politely, he grabbed my cup right out from in front of me (if you're wondering why i didn't stop him: first, he's fast. second, if you noticed how much coffee is on the floor, i wasn't finished drinking it yet, which means i wasn't at my quickest. and it's decaf, so really, it doesn't help much anyway). well, once i realized what he was doing, i told him no. he yelled at me. so i replied, "fine, take it, but it's decaf, you know." well, clearly this disgusted him. i mean, really, decaf isn't nearly good enough! coffee's bastard cousin! vile stuff, unsuitable for human consumption (don't know where he gets this idea. ok, personally, i don't like it, either, but i'm now caffeine-less, so it's this or nothing, and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do). so, as you have by now already guessed, he dumped the "coffee" all over the floor. you'll notice the mug is nowhere to be seen. he pretty much just poured it out on the floor, and put the cup back. and in case i considered licking the remnants off the floor in a fit of under-caffinated desperation, he sat in the puddle, splashing with his dirty toddler hands in my coffee puddle! the nerve!

so there you have it. asher's coffee tale o' the week. i'm telling you, this kid spends way too much time with doctors, and they're rubbing off on him! lol

oh, yeah, and before i forget... for those of you on facebook, you may have noticed yesterday that i mentioned about his feeding pump dying. yes, you read that right. his pump died. ack! and this is the second Kangaroo ePump we've had, and it's been less than 10 months! and of course, kangaroo doesn't seem to have tech support on the weekends. or they just don't want you to call with a problem on the weekends, because the website doesn't have the number anywhere, and neither does the local pharmacy through which we get our feeding supplies. so... i am actually quite happy with the loaner pump we got from Yurek's for the weekend, but i am most definitely not happy with our old pump. and in fact, we're not the only family in town having problems with it. so... i will not be ordering another one. i'm going to look to another pump, possibly even another company altogether. like i said, this one we have right now is a delight! well, that's our adventures for this weekend. i'll try and post again later in the week, but time is scarce right now, since i'm on my own now. anyway... talk to you later! :)

ps - i had posted a while back about a couple other heart kids. here's the update: last i heard, owen was not, in fact, septic, which is a good thing. i haven't heard much else, but at least his blood's clean. as for dominic, he's home, and other than getting his coumadin levels checked and adjusted as needed, he's doing well. thanks for all the prayers for these little guys. and one other kid (and mom!) who needs prayer right now: hunter, another single ventricle from london cardio, has been having apparent hearing issues. well, after numerous tests, they have figured out what the problem really is: due to illness in infancy and surgeries and so on and so forth, there is something happening between his ear and his brain, so that, while his hearing is technically ok, his brain cannot process what he's hearing into anything intelligible. as you can imagine, this is stressful for mom. please pray for this family. thanks so much! :)

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