Monday, June 16, 2008

Asher Watch '08

well, as per liz's orders, i'm keeping an eye on asher this evening. he's duskier than usual, crankier than usual, and sleepier than usual. no runny nose, no cough, tolerating his feeds well, but his hands are grey. i mean, grey. his face is a bit grey-ish, too. he's been fussy all afternoon, and he had an unusually long nap unusually early today, and then he almost fell asleep on the nurse this afternoon.

liz said to keep an eye on him, but i don't need to rush him to emerg just yet. "he's so hard to predict," she said. she said, i could bring him in now, but he'd likely be fine, or i could leave him, but then i'd be bringing him in at 4am! what to do, what to do? well, after she yelled at the driver behind her, she told me to keep an eye on him, and see what he does. if he starts getting puffy (did i forget to mention that he's slightly puffier, too?) and/or more short of breath, i'm to bring him in to emerg.

hmm... asher's not feeling well today... i wonder which doctor is on call this week? lol i'll keep you posted (about asher, that is. well, if we go in and see a cardiologist, i'll let you know who it was. but mostly, i'll just post about whether or not i take him in tonight).

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