Saturday, June 7, 2008

because it just can't be boring! (but why not? just once... that's all i ask!)

asher's been very cranky the last few days. i don't think it's the heat (necessarily). we keep him inside quite a bit during heat waves, especially in the middle of the day. mornings and evenings he's usually outside, but not during the day. no, then he's inside with the A/C. but he's very cranky lately... must be all the molars he's working on.

anyway, we've been having some issues with his feeding tube yesterday and today. it seems the pediasure doesn't like the heat. it's been clogging. in the tube. we have been going for long walks with his pump running in the stroller for a couple months now, and never a problem. but this weekend, you take the pump outside, and within minutes it's clogged. and that's not fun, let me tell you!

so, i will be spending my saturday evening, in Interventional Radiology in london. thrilling, wouldn't you say? and before you say, "it beats emerge!" let me say, i don't really think it does, necessarily. at least in emerge, sure, they poke him for blood work, and there's the urine sample they always try to get from him (you'd think it'd be easy to get urine from a kid on diurretics, but i guess not!). but then that's over with and he can go back to playing and flirting with the nurses and whatever. maybe a trip up to cardio (or they come down to see us), that's always fun, but in the end, we either go upstairs to a private room, or we come home, and asher's still playful and i'm feeling better. this... is not like that...

he gets so scared... and how can i comfort him if i'm the one holding him down? how can i be his shelter when i'm the one who brought him there? i can't protect him, but i can't explain any of this to him to help him to understand. this is the hardest part of life with asher. tube changes. i don't know which one of us hates them more....

well, gotta go. there's a new tube with his name on it.

ps - sorry for the downer. i'll try to post again later with pics/video of asher in the pool. he loved it! :)

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Drea said...

Nothing is every easy, we both knwo that bye now. It is just aweful what we have to put our children through.
Thinking of you, and Hoping that Asher comes through this without too much trauma ( A lot to ask!!)
Best of luck