Monday, June 9, 2008

Asher Splasher

[after some technical difficulties, we're back to sideways asher. sorry, folks, i don't know what went wrong, but i'll try again in the morning. in the meantime, get yourself some advil and enjoy my boy!]

i know i promised to upload this video a couple days ago, but you know, between the sedatives and power outages, i didn't have a chance. until now, my friends!

a friend generously gave us a pool for the kiddies to play in, and asher was pretty ticked off when blithe and bram were allowed in and not him. so, we stopped filling it for a few minutes and threw him in. ok, well, we didn't really throw him in, but he went in in his onesie and cloth diaper. and let me tell you, he was none too impressed when we took him out!

so, enjoy the video. asher sure enjoyed making it! :)


Diane said...

He's such an adorable little boy, Heather. Thanks for sharing this :D

Jenaia said...

So cute! I have done the same thing video taping, fun, fun. Unfortunatly I never figured out how you can rotate it either.

Annie said...


Baby Seaton and family said...

He's such a cutie!
I like the new layout too... very nice!