Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the day, as it happened

well, as i said in the last post, i took asher in to the paeds doc this morning. i said, "i'm looking to hear, 'heather, you're paranoid, go home.'" she replied, "he's blue!" i won't tell you what i said to that, but it had 4 letters. so, she did the usual check; here's the details:
  • BP: 112/76
  • sats: 74%
  • HR: 125 beats/min.
  • RR: 30-ish breaths/min
  • increased cyanosis ("he's blue!")
  • puffy in eyes, hands, feet
  • cold hands
  • irritable
  • increased work of breathing (indrawing; nostrils flaring slightly)

there you have it: his symptoms. so, she called liz, and sent us to emerg.

when we got there, they already knew about him, and they knew it was a "direct to cardiology" visit (means, no emerg consult; they triage and register us, but we don't see emerg doc first, just cardio). but, before i continue, let me describe asher upon arrival in triage:

  • BP: 105/60
  • sats: 85%
  • pink
  • warm
  • not so puffy
  • breathing comfortably
  • pleasant

the bug! anyway, the echo was fine (read: unchanged). chest x-ray was no different than post-op. the bloodwork and urine sample were "pristine" (to quote the nurse). the only thing we're waiting on now is the blood culture, but that takes a couple days to grow, so we'll know by thursday night if his blood is infected (yeah, because what we really need right now is sepsis!)

we saw dr p this afternoon, and he was joking that of course asher looked better at the hospital, because he's asher peters! haha, very funny. i said to him that we both should have known it wouldn't be so simple as "thanks for everything, goodbye!" of course asher would need another crack at him before he's gone (dr buffo already left last week). but you know, this is life with asher. unpredictable and exhausting and yeah, what else can i say? (well, actually i do have more to say about my side of all of this. i'll be posting on my blooming blog in a bit, so you can check that out to find out how my own appointment went this morning.) ttys! :) h

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