Sunday, June 8, 2008

into every life a little rain must fall...

especially at this time of year in southwestern ontario.

apparently, there is a very unstable weather mass that is passing over this region, and causing scattered thunderstorms and such. right now, in fact, there is a severe thunderstorm warning and even a tornado watch!

we already had quite a storm this evening; it got really dark really fast, and then the wind and rain came in. and the thunder and lightning was almost constant! but you know, almost as quickly as it came, it stopped.

it was quite a storm, though, while it lasted. the power was out for about an hour. i was so happy the generator was charged! even though we didn't need it, it was comforting knowing i would still be able to feed my child! the older kids, especially blithe, were frightened, but we prayed and then we had some fun eating watermelon and reading some stories. asher thought the whole thing was fun, and was especially taken with the candle we had (it got really dark in here!), but he was not impressed that we refused to give it to him. he does not like not getting his way, i tell you what! lol

ah, well. anyway, the storm has passed, the power is back on, and the kiddies are off to bed. thanks for popping in! :)

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