Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayers Urgently Needed for Asher

Urgent update:

Wendy here, Heather asked that I do a quick update.   Asher has developed an infection in the surgical site/pacemaker area.    The surgical fellow has been up to see Asher and is very concerned.  They have started Asher on Vancomycin and Gentomicin and have done a blood culture.    These are heavy duty antibiotics given via I.V.   The Vancomycin covers gram positive bacteria and the Gentomicin covers gram negative bacteria.    These meds aren't given lightly and both come with a long list of side effects.   Vanco is very hard on the kidneys and Gentomicin can cause hearing impairment/deafness.    The fact that Asher is getting BOTH of these says that things are very serious and they aren't messing around with any bacteria in his chest or heart as it can very quickly become life threatening.   Please keep them both in your prayers and thoughts tonight.   This is very scary and I know all your prayers will be appreciated as they summon the strength to tackle yet another unexpected detour in their efforts to get recovered and go home.   
Thank you

****update from Heather's facebook last night:  

"Heather'is afraid, but we caught the infection in time. it spread so quickly: this morning, it was just a bit of pink around the incision site. now it's over most of his stomach, around his side and across half his back. and it's got a highway straight to his heart, so this isn't good... and neither are the antibiotics he needs... please pray for us."


Arlene said...

Jake and I are praying.

Kristine said...

So sorry to read, and praying.... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Keeping Asher in my prayers..praying to Jesus to go to the heavenly Father and ask him to reach down and heal little Asher..and give the strenth he needs to come through this and his family

Anonymous said...

Appealling to my stars that Asher might turn this around, and that the doctors do all their homework to give him whatever it takes to get it done.

Krystal said...

I am praying that Asher fights this infection and is soon on his way home.I am a mom of a little girl (she'll be 7 tomorrow) with HLHS.She has also had all of her surgeries(5 in total) at Sick Kids.They are amazing there and will do everything possible to help him, and you Heather. I follow your blog all the time and i am sending all my prayers and positive thoughts your way.

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Heather - I'm so sorry to read that Asher is having such a difficult time of things.
We just got home yesterday after Charlie's Fontan/pacemaker insertion - I've been checking in on Asher's blog now and then while we were in hospital, and I was so hoping to see some good news when we got home.
Pacemakers are great things when they work well (Charlie's already on his second because the first didn't work properly...) but I can really appreciate how terrifying these infections are - Charlie's pacemaker incision had to be reopened and cleaned out when they put in the new box, and they hit him hard with heavy-duty antibiotics afterwards to try to avoid infections.
Please know that we are thinking of you, and keeping all of you in our prayers, especially little Asher.
It is a hard road, but I am sure Asher will turn this around, and you will be home soon, enjoying the benefits of his Fontan.
With love to all of you, Alison xxx

Chris A said...

I do not know you but I wanted you to know our now 17 yr old daughter survived a horrible infection throughout her whole body after heart surgery when she was 12yrs old. She was on Vancomycin and another very strong antibiotic for 6 weeks. She was very, very sick but ultimately got better. She has no lasting side effects from the antibiotics.

Holding you close.

with Hope,
~ Chris A ~
Please feel free to contact me at