Friday, April 2, 2010

because apparently, we haven't been in the hospital enough yet...

we're back in london. in fact, we're in the PCCU. yes, Paediatric Critical Care Unit.

i won't repeat what wendy wrote earlier, so i'll just explain why we're here. the cardio in london was actually "frightened" (his word) by asher's symptoms. bradycardia without symptoms is acceptable. symptomatic bradycardia is a completely different animal. it is actually dangerous. everyone here is now convinced that asher needs a pacemaker. toronto, not so much. they just want evidence that the symptoms happen during periods of low heart rate.

and to clarify what i mean why i say "low heart rate"... asher's average heart rate now is 59. that's right. 59 beats per minute. his resting heart rate before the fontan was low to mid 90s. 59 - 70 is now his active heart rate. this is bad bad bad. especially now that he has these symptoms. he nearly fainted on tuesday night, he actually fainted last night, and he's almost constantly dizzy and grey. ugh.

so here is my prayer request tonight: please pray that he has one of these "episodes" during a period of low heart rate. that's right. please pray pray pray that he faints with a heart rate in the 40s. or wakes up in the night, when his HR is in the 30s or low 40s and starts crying because he's getting dizzy. yes, you're understanding me right. we want and need asher to crash right now. so please pray or do whatever it is you do really hard that we have a very rocky admission. this is what will get the evidence toronto needs. so that asher can get what he needs.

i'll try to keep you updated while we're here.

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