Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to Hospital

Wendy you thought you were done with me eh?    Heather asked me to update for her so here goes:  

Asher fainted last night at the dinner table - as in one minute he was talking and the next he bonked his head off the table in a faint. Heather learned the next day (today) after asking him some more questions (cause we all know that 3 year olds aren't necessarily forthcoming with info)  that his ears felt like there was cotton in them and everything went black before it happened - not good signs at all.  

So Heather called Asher's ped today and spoke with London Cardio who then spoke with Sick Kids.   London cardio feels that Asher for sure meets the criteria for a pacemaker.   Sick Kids however wants some more data before being 100% sure (hey they are THE BEST place for cardiac kids for a reason...they want to be 100% sure this is the only way to go and do what's best for Asher).   So Heather and Asher went to the ER in London today to be admitted that way (only way to get a bed right now is admission via ER).   Over the next few days Asher will have some testing done (ECGs, Holter possibly...not sure exactly what else for the moment) and this should give Sick Kids the info that they need. 

Heather is actually feeling good about this admission.   Asher is so unstable right now that the best place for him is at the hospital with monitors, doctors, meds etc.   It looks like everyone is moving closer and closer to giving Asher the pacemaker, Heather said "it's baby steps, but in the right direction".    Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, it's a scary time and Heather is very very worried about Asher and the wait for the pacemaker decision/surgery is wearing on her and stressful.    As for Asher - with the exception of the fainting, he's happy and playful and his usual chatty self.    I am sure he won't be impressed to be back in hospital so please pray for him too.

And as always - for those of you in the London area - Heather loves coffee (black) and poutine (lots of gravy).

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