Saturday, April 3, 2010

prayer for a friend

hi, everyone!

believe it or not, asher is not the only sick kid in the world. lol so this morning, i'm asking for prayer for another little girl we (asher and i) know.

her name is brigid. i'm not going to go into all her "quirks" (you can check out her blog if you're interested), but suffice it to say, she is a very sick little girl right now. i met and befriended her mother while we shared a room during our london admission last month, and wow! what a family! i swear allison is one of the strongest mothers i have ever met. truly remarkable.

right now brigid is back in hospital with pneumonia and sepsis. in fact, she has several bugs growing right now. this isn't good. asher's had sepsis, so i know exactly how terrifying and brutal and heartbreaking (figuratively and literally) it can be. brigid is going into the OR at 9:00 this morning, but of course, as these kids are wont to do, she has thrown everyone a curveball... her INR won't come down (INR is what they call blood clotting time)... and she's not on bloodthinners. kind of a problem, and this is after several doses of vitamin K (a med that is supposed to promote clotting). they're planning to give her a dose of another med before they go in, so please pray that it works.

but please just pray for brigid and her mother (and the rest of the family, as well, since you're already on your knees). this is a scary time for them, brigid is very sick right now. so please pray that they can get her INR under control, that she'll make it through the procedure uneventfully (they deserve something uneventful), that they'll get rid of the bugs, that allison will have the strength to keep going (these roller coasters are exhausting), that the rest of the family will have peace... and since we know God can and does work miracles, pray for healing. i mean, complete healing. brigid has a very rare, very complex condition... please please pray for them all. and don't forget the docs. they go into paeds because they love kids, and seeing their patients suffer like this is stressful for them, too. so pray for guidance, wisdom, strength, compassion, all that good stuff. thanks so much.

and remember, allison, you are Loved.

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