Saturday, April 3, 2010

the most heartbreaking afternoon... and the most heartwarming afternoon... keep praying

my FB status right now says:

Heather has spent the afternoon watching asher crash. he fell asleep around 3:30, and ever since, his HR has been dipping. and each time, it gets lower. he now gets down to 30 and stays there for several seconds. it's VERY hard to watch, even though i know this is EXACTLY what we need him to do. pray that he keeps doing this, but please make sure you also add that he doesn't code. this is terrifying.
meantime, brigid isn't doing so well, either. allison and i both allowed ourselves to cry this afternoon, because we're both in crap positions. funny thing is, we've only known each other for 2 weeks, but we know we'll both be there for each other... because we've both been there, we understand... it's nice to have someone to cry with (and to laugh with... at the same time! LOL)... but seriously, you can't imagine how painful these admissions are for either of us. it's hard to cling to 86% (for her) and 70% (for me) as you see your child in these conditions. but it's what we do. too often. just pray we get to keep clinging to these numbers for a very, very, very long time.

and remember, allison, you and brigid are loved. lots of hugs to you, and i'm here when you need me.

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Tanna said...

You are all loved! we're praying you all find yourselfs in much better places soon! Get better soon Asher and Brigid!