Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"it's dirt, it's sun, it's mom and nana and me... and don't forget squirmy!!"

so, it was absolutely beautiful outside today, so we went... well, outside! i walked downtown to run some errands (and got most of my bills paid off entirely!!! hooray!!!!), and started on my job search. while i was out, my mom took the boys for a walk to the flower garden a few blocks away. after i picked blithe up from the bus stop, we walked home and decided to stay outdoors for a little while.

well! i decided to get to work in the garden. and much to my surprise, there's actually stuff growing in there!! i had forgotten that i planted garlic last year, so that's already coming up nicely. and the lavendar wintered very well, so it's coming back already, too.

but this is asher's blog, not my simple life, so i'm going to talk about asher (novel idea, don't you think?)

asher, for those who are somehow unaware, is a boy. a normal boy. a very normal boy. which means...

where there's dirt, there's asher.

lucky for him, i was digging around in the soil, and found a nice long worm for him. he loved it!!! he named it Squirmy. it's in his hands in that picture. he didn't want to put little squirmy down. he wanted to bring him inside and have him as a pet. my mom heard that and said, "um.... no. squirmy stays outside " (my mom is not a fan of worms.)

and this all happened, you'll note...

on post-op day 8.

at home.


UPDATE: i feel compelled, looking at this picture, to mention that asher is actually not blue anymore. it's just bad lighting. LOL


ChristophersHeart said...

You know why I love this post? Because it's about NORMAL things! Bills, jobs, kids and DIRT!! No hospitals, fears, tears, just wonderfully normal stuff! It makes me happy to hear about :) Love the pic of SuperMan and Squirmy!


Anonymous said...

Praise be. Enjoy.