Thursday, April 1, 2010

and one more thing i forgot before...

we've added another specialist to our list. we got rid of gastro, OT/PT/SLP, dietitian, and nursing...

and now we've added


asher gets (what i suspect are) migraines, which are so bad he ends up admitted for ?sepsis/meningitis with febrile seizures. and with the stent material in his AV node, we're just wondering if we should be concerned about the migraines and seizures.

now, normally febrile seizures aren't a huge concern. they occur with high fevers and don't hurt, don't cause any brain damage, etc. BUT combined with the migraines, stent material, and asher's fondness for complicating the simplest things, i asked for a consult. if they laugh us out of the room because clearly there's no need for neuro, then so be it, but at least we looked into it.

our appointment is in august.

just thought i'd let you know.


Wyndi said...

hello I read your email on the pacer group and wanted tosay hello. My daughter Izabell has a pacemaker and has had it since she was 9 weeks old. She has OHS at 6 weeks for IAA and a large VSD and got complete heartblock as a complication of the surgery. She is now 4 years old and still has the same pacer. I wanted to stop by and send well wishes and suppport!!

wyndi mom to Izabell PHACE syndrome

Wyndi said...
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Anonymous said...

If my thoughts and wishes could come true, then Asher would be playing and enjoying life the same as any other child. All the best to you.