Monday, May 10, 2010

you've gotta check out this blog! (click the title of this post to take you there)

i have a link to this blog on the side bar (under "heart journeys") but i wanted to point it out to you tonight specifically. the blog is called Adventures of a Funky Heart! and it is written by a man in his 40s who is a CHD survivor... he was born with tricuspid atresia (the valve between the right atrium and right ventricle is closed... similar to asher's mitral atresia, but on the other side of the heart, and creating similar, but distinct, issues).

he's quite incredible, actually, working constantly to raise CHD awareness and to keep his readers abrest of the latest developments in the world of congenital heart disease and surgery... as well as a look back at some significant developments in the treatment of CHD. he also reaches out to his readers; in a recent post, he asked is there was anyone who had, or whose child had undergone, a one-and-a-half ventricular repair.

Funky Heart is a great blog. he updates regularly, his information is very interesting (especially if you're a heart mom, but i'm sure someone else out there might find it interesting, too). he included a link the other day to Dr John M, who is a (adult) cardiologist and electrophysiologist who writes about heart health, cardiology, and healthy living. also a great blog, also included in the sidebar here.

i highly recommend you check out these blogs, if you are at all interested in learning anything about wonky hearts. steve at funky heart is especially inspiring, given that he has CHD himself, and that he works so hard for the cause.


ChristophersHeart said...

And he's all around fabulous to chat with. I've emailed him many times or commented on posts and he always replies :) He's been very informative and supportive. Definitely check out Funky Heart! When I first found him I was THRILLED to hear about an adult with CHD! An adult living and loving life with CHD. Very inspiring!

Kerri said...

Proud to say he is a "neighbor" of mine! (Both from South Carolina) Steve's story (and blog) is very inspiring! A must read for anyone living with a funky heart or raising a funky heart! :)