Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on a happier note...

only 3 days left of fat-free. which means...

friday is fat day!!! :) it's funny that i'm so excited about this. i don't usually cook high-fat; i think i just don't like being told that i can't do something. yes, i'm a bit of a rebel, i'll admit.

anyway, to see what we're having for supper on friday, click here or on the title of this post. and do note the amount of fat per serving. part of me wants to barf when i see it, but part of me just can't wait for friday.

hey, the kids aren't here for the next couple of days... maybe i'll give it a trial run. ;)

oh, yeah. some of you may not click the link. so i'll just tell you what the recipe is for. TACO PIE!! WITH GROUND BEEF AND CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM AND MORE CHEEESE AND TORTILLA CHIPS AND MORE CHEESE!!!!

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