Sunday, May 30, 2010

another quick post, so i can get back upstairs to asher

he's doing much better today!!! he's been in a fabulous mood, full of energy, playful... right now he's in the playroom because he's been asking all day to go play with the train table. so he's a happy little man right now.

they're going to switch the vanco and cefotaxime to ampicillin, which is also IV but not quite as heavy-duty as the other ones. they also want to see about switching him to an oral med, which would mean home! :)

i've asked about nephro, so we'll see. we'll probably be leaving here with an appointment.

he's still not eating, though. they've turned down the IV fluids (which were for rehydration and line maintenance) in the hopes that the decreased volume might inspire him to eat and drink on his own. so far, that's not working. but we'll see. he only had 2 bites of pepperoni pizza for lunch. and a Reese cup. but he didn't even want his chocolate milk! what is wrong with this kid??? (although i'm not complaining too much about the choco milk. he didn't want it, so i took  it. teehee)

anyway, i've gotta run for now. i might post again later this evening, but i'm hoping there won't be anything to report, so pray/cross crossables/send vibes that the next post will be called "AND WE'RE OUTTA HERE!!!!!"

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