Monday, May 31, 2010

as promised... WE ARE OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!

well, this is officially the last post i will write in the hospital... well, for this admit, anyway. LOL

anyway, i just talked to the dietitian, who has put asher on a butter and whipped cream diet. i'm not joking. everything everything everything with butter, whipped cream and/or oil. this is because asher has gained less than 2 lbs in the last 2 years, and his height hasn't been going up like it should, either. he is considered "borderline FTT" at the moment... and there is a giant elephant in the room now, too... a g-tube. i told her that i really don't want to go down that road, at least not yet. she agreed that since he worked so hard to get rid of it, that it's not something they're going to do right now, but if a few months go by and he still hasn't shown significant gains in his weight, it is something we're going to have to look at seriously. sigh.

so i'm going to be implementing a lovely reward system to motivate asher to eat. something along the lines of a sticker every time he eats a full meal or a healthy (ie, high fat/high cal, aka "asher healthy" LOL) snack, and if he goes all week eating like that, he'll get a special treat. maybe a trip to the dollar store for a toy, or some mcdonalds fries or something... i'll figure something out, but right now we need to motivate him to eat. i did have one brilliant idea: every time he eats, i'll ring a bell. after a while, so the theory goes... i'll ring the bell, and he'll eat. ah, dr pavlov, what would i do without you?

ok, so i (probably) won't train my son like pavlov's dog. but hey, if it works... haha

anyway, that's the deal for now. right now we're just waiting for official word from the team and a script for the antibiotic and polycose (calorie supplement, to add to asher's food). then we're outtie!!!!!!!!

thanks for all the prayers, etc. we really appreciate them.


Wendy said...

I imagine just mentioning "Tube" will be good motivation. Works around here! Treats and stickers are good too! Having him make snacks/food with you might help if he likes that (Chris loves it). Remember polycose can go in ANYTHING, even water for calories!!
Glad you are leaving, talk to you soon!

Hope's Blog said...

WOOHOO!!! So happy to see this post! Eating is such a hard time with most of our heart babies...wish I had that problem somedays (LOL). Praying no more mention of the tube!