Wednesday, February 3, 2010

why asher's awesome

ok, so i admit, i feel a touch guilty about yesterday's "my child is evil" post. lol so i'm going to now present you with 6 reason why asher is the coolest kid i know. and he's going to help.

exhibit #1
totally affectionate. right at this very moment, he's cradling one of blithe's baby dolls and is singing to her and giving her his sucky. and this morning, when the boys woke up, he rolled over and gave bram a big hug.

exhibit #2
he's musical. you already read about his drumming. he loves that. but he also sings. in fact, since he was just a baby, he could carry a tune. in key. the right key. for the whole song. he's still like that. in fact, he'll hear a song once, and be able to sing it almost perfectly. earlier this week, i wrote on FB that i was hanging out on the couch with asher, who was singing "Yellow Submarine." now, i don't actually remember the last time we listened to that particular song in this house (blithe's on an "abbey road" kick. the girl's got taste, what can i say?), but he remembered the song! he had the tune perfectly. rhythm, pitch, key, he even knew some of the words (he had a mouthful of food at the time, too). but man! this kid can sing!!!

exhibit #3
he's playful and imaginative. he just loves to invent games. one of his favourite things is to throw a blanket over himself and say "mooooooo" and then throw the blanket off and say, "it's ME!!!" ok, so he doesn't know the difference between a cow and a ghost, granted. but if you pretend to be scared of the cow-ghost, he laughs that big belly laugh of his and repeats this little game until he gets distracted by his tank engines or something.

exhibit #4
he loves books. nuff said.

exhibit #5
he loves to help. this morning i was getting him his cereal, and he went into the fridge and got out the milk. and after i came in with charlie (charlie can't pee alone, apparently - why is everyone in this house so high maintenance?! when ASHER is the easy one, there's a problem! LOL) asher ran out of the bathroom and said, "mommy, i put all the toys in the tub. come see!" now granted, no one was going to have a bath. i had forgotten to drain the tub after blithe's bath this morning. but still, he wanted to help someone - don't know who, exactly - have a fun time in the bath.

exhibit #6
toughest kid i know. and i'm not talking heart stuff. this is a "normal kid" post. nope, he is seriously the toughest kid i know. one day, about a year ago (you'll note, when he was sick), he was running through the house at full speed. he was laughing and not watching where he was going, so he ran straight into the dining room table, smashing his forehead on the edge. now, blithe would never have done this, because she's just not a runner like that. and bram, well, he would have collapsed onto the floor in a total melt-down, which you would no doubt have heard, wherever you are. sigh. asher? he jumped back, glared at the table... and kept right on running.

there you go. just some of the reasons he's awesome. i love this kid of mine.

oh, wait, a bonus one.

exhibit #7
he's smart smart smart. he knows where his heart is. he knows all his colours. he can count to ten. he knows how to use a stethoscope and a sat probe. (i know i said no heart stuff, but really, he knows this stuff!) 

and finally, 3 weeks and 6 days till the fontan.

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