Monday, February 15, 2010

oh, this feels good!!!

i just had to post about this right now. i'm about to edit asher's story on the sidebar. and remove a couple details. in the first paragraph. go ahead, look. by the time you read this, you'll see that asher has issues with his heart, kidneys and immune system. gone will be the reference to throat and GI problems and a feeding tube.


i know my friend wendy does. her son chris is also (relatively) tube-free. eating by mouth for the first time in two and a half years! GO CHRIS GO!!!!!

and the countdown continues... surgery is two weeks from tomorrow... 15 days. i don't know if i want to smile, cry or vomit. maybe some bizarre combination of the three. but right now asher is strong and healthy. the cold he's been fighting for over 2 weeks is almost gone, and he's doing well. this is the first time he's ever gone into a surgery strong and healthy. this doesn't happen!!! :)

please pray for him that he stays healthy, and that i can get everything taken care of and organized before we go. the next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy and hectic, so if you don't hear from me, assume we're doing well. and don't feel dissed if i don't contact you or hang out in the next little bit. sooooo much to do, and sooooooooo little time to do it all in. but yeah, 15 days. yikes!!!!

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ChristophersHeart said...

It's so amazing and so wonderful! A tube free Asher! I love it! Makes my heart happy!

As for the surgery....huge hugs coming your way. Know that I'm thinking of you and if I can help at all, I'm here. I will be up there bright and early on the 2nd. I know I can't go to the 4th floor, to step down but I will be waiting on the 2nd floor in the waiting room (that is where it is still I assume). And once you're down and ready, I'm your "go get me" girl :)
And if for some reason, you end up not having someone with you in step down and you want someone you let me know. Whatever I can do to help without getting in the way or causing any stress ok?
<3 you