Thursday, February 25, 2010

prayer for asher

on sunday, 28 february (that's this coming sunday, for those calendar-challenged types among us), we will be gathering for prayer for asher after the last service. the service begins at 11:15, so we'll be gathering around 12:15 (give or take, but they've got the timing of these services pretty much down to a science). we're getting together at the front of the main auditorium.

the church we attend (the kids and i) is Forest City Community Church in London. it's on Bostwick Road, and it's a very big church. really, you can't miss it.

i hope you can join us. this is our last sunday there before we head to toronto for asher's surgery. and you know what they say: "where two or three are gathered..."

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Naomi and Paul said...

I will say a prayer at that time and send a prayer request from my church for Asher! For a sucessful surgery and a speedy and safe recovery home! Your heart friend!
Naomi Gesler