Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh. dear. me.

whatever happened to my sweet little boy, who was all cuddles and kisses and giggles? someone has taken him away, and replaced him with a hellian. sigh.

exhibit #1
he is now obsessed with drumming. on everything. the table. the floor. the couch. the dog. his siblings. the wall. the oven. his plate. his bowl. (and note: these two are WHILE THERE'S FOOD ON THEM!!!!) to give you an example, this morning i was changing his diaper, and singing him a lovely little song. ice cream by sarah maclachlan. cute ditty. anyway, i'm singing away, trying to get his wiggly legs into the leg holes, and i notice... he's drumming. keeping a perfect beat, doing creative little fills between lines - and keeping the beat at the same time, even! and what was he using as his drum, you ask? his bum. yeah. funny, granted, but still, HE DOESN'T STOP!!!!!!

exhibit #2
when blithe was wee, she got a little finding nemo riding car thing for her birthday. then it was handed down to bram. and now it's asher's. and asher loves it. i mean, LOVES it. he plays with it all the time. his favourite game is pushing the car around the house... chasing charlie. needless to say, charlie freaks out, running away from asher, fleeing for his life. you can almost smell the panic coming off my poor little doggie. asher, meanwhile, is killing himself laughing. to him, this is the funniest thing EVER! he only stops when charlie runs upstairs, which granted, takes longer than you'd think. charlie's absolutely adorable... and dumb as dirt.

exhibit #3
neither of my older children was a thrower. well, no, i lie. blithe used to throw her food on the floor when she was done eating. it was her little signal. lovely. and bram did the same thing. that's it. that's the extent of throwing in our house. until now. why, just 10 minutes ago, asher was throwing his cars and trains (all metal and heavy, mind you) across the living room. isn't that just special.

exhibit #4
this afternoon, i had to take care of some business at our MP's office. on the counter was a box full of chocolate bars to raise money for some charity. bram asked for one. i said no. so he went and sat down and read the book he had brought in with him. then asher spied the chocolate bars. he asked for one, very politely, mind you. i have to give credit where credit is due, and he does have very good manners. most of the time. anyway, asher asked for a chocolate bar, and i said no. now, forget everything i just said about his manners. because he flipped out. and i mean, he stood in the middle of the office and was sobbing. we're talking, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. tears flowing like niagara falls. unbelievable.

exhibit #5
right now he's stomping through the downstairs insisting that everyone follow him in some sort of military parade celebrating wonky hearts?? i don't know.

exhibit #6
last night at bedtime, asher made one little joke. not even a funny one. not up to his usual standards anyway. well, the other two, being very tired, thought this was the most hilarious thing EVER and were nearly falling off the bed laughing. i'm not even exaggerating. so, of course, asher kept it up. kept repeating whatever it was over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... yeah.

by the way... asher's surgery is 4 weeks today. not that i'm counting or anything.

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