Wednesday, February 3, 2010

because i like to keep you in the loop...

i talked to the HSC surgical co-ordinator this afternoon, and she told me that asher's pre-op clinic will be on Monday, February 22. this will involve talking with the surgery nurse, surgery NP, surgery fellow, anaesthetist, and surgeon.

asher will also have to go for bloodwork, chest x-ray, and an ultrasound on his femoral veins and arteries, to check for clots. if they find clots, they'll have to deal with that immediately, because you can't have clots before open heart surgery. that would be bad.

he will not be having an echo (heart ultrasound) because he had one in november and it looked good.

in the meantime, before pre-op, asher will need to go to the dentist to make sure his teeth are ok. again, if he needs fillings or anything taken care of, that will have to be dealt with before the surgery.

so there you have it. it's getting close now. that means the surgery is really happening. i'll admit, it almost seemed like a dream, or something way off in the distant future. nope. it's really happening. asher will really be having this surgery. soon. less than a month. is anyone else freaxious right now, or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

No, sweetie, it's not just you. Believe me, there will be lots of prayer going up for Asher - and for you and the rest of the family too.

Love, Mom

Tanna said...

No, its not just you. I can feel it. Is asher aware that there is to me no "asher-like" shenanigans going on while there?
We'll be praying he has a very easy go this time around.

amanda said...

hey heather,

the kids (well spearheaded by ayla really) want to put together a package for asher for after his surgery. could you give me a few ideas about what he is into and what would be a good idea for him? thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm nervous and I don't even know Asher - I've only heard about him. But I will be thinking of you and him as you go through this.

Naomi and Paul said...

I pray for many heart kids on a daily basis and Asher is in my top 5. I have been following his blog for over a month now, and fyi fell in love with his pun intended!!! I will keep him and your family in my prayers! Heart hugs from Sand Creek, Wisconsin, USA.
Naomi Gesler