Friday, April 25, 2008

wow! it's been a while!

and so far this week, nothing's happened. asher has actually had a great week. still very short of breath, low sats, blah blah blah, but that's his "normal" anymore. the only exciting things in asher's world this week were not medical, but social.

first, on monday, i took the boys to Winter Wheat in Sparta with a friend and her daughter. we had a lovely morning looking at all their outdoor art. so laid back and relaxed, asher had so much fun watching bram and shaylin run and play.

let's see... what else happened.... oh! i took asher to the Kids' Country Club for the day yesterday. it's a wonderful home, offering respite care for special needs kids, and it's run by Parents of Technology Dependent Children. it's a beautiful house in Byron, staffed by nurses. asher had so much fun while he was there. he explored, played with toys, participated in a sing-along. he had a wonderful time. and the smiles i got when i arrived to pick him up... wow! what a sweetie! we haven't really been apart for that long (barring medical procedures) in a long time. it was the best hug ever when i picked him up yesterday! :)

anything else? ah, yes, i have to remember this! we have started giving him peanut butter at mealtimes now. yup, PB and mum-mums. he loves it! he especially loves the mess he makes with it. but best of all, he can eat it without difficulty because it's thick and sticky and almost impossible to aspirate! so, he can now participate in mealtimes fully, not feel (too) left out while we're all eating, and he feels like a person and a valued member of the family. it's actually pleasant now at mealtimes. much better than the screaming and shrieking and crying that we'd almost gotten used to!

so that's been our week. no bad news, just fun stuff. always the best kind of update, wouldn't you agree? :)

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