Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the little terd! :)

don't worry, i have nothing to say about his bowels right now. here's the tale o' the day:

on liz's advice, i took asher in to emerg this morning. asher is paler than usual, getting puffier by the day. he is short of breath within minutes of waking up, and irritable, dear me! also last night he was grey and breathing quickly. he has also taken to leaning on things a lot of the time. like, instead of sitting back in his high chair with his foot on the tray (such a guy! lol), he now leans forward quite often. so i paged liz, and she said to take him in to emerg.

of course, by the time we got there, he had some colour, his sats were up in the mid-70s, his breathing was not quite as fast (still close to 40, but that's normal anymore), and to say his mood improved would be an understatement. what a terd! lol totally playful and charming and flirty. except when they did the chest x-ray, but if i had to sit half-naked on a bicycle seat squeezed into a plastic tube, i'd be unhappy, too! (just like you are now, after that mental picture! lol)

anyway, so as it stands right now, asher is doing... hm, i don't want to say "well" because he's not, but let's call it, the usual. pale, puffy, short of breath, irritable, tired, but never when we set foot in the hospital. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: terd! lol

let's see. is there anything i have forgotten to mention on here yet? i don't think so. if i remember something, i'll fill you in, but i think that's about it for now. talk to you later! :) h

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