Thursday, April 3, 2008

back from another appointment in toronto

but not cardio today. it was the final appointment in the drug study that he's been in. they did a full assessment of his development. he had a lot of fun, basically they just played for 45 minutes. he did great, played constantly without having to rest. on the other hand, he usually just keeps on going beyond his limits. so by the end of it this morning, he was a terrible shade of grey-ish/navy and he was really huffing and puffing. but a nap on the way to hamilton fixed that up (relatively), and he was ready to play again when he saw bram! lol those 2 boys really love each other - it's so sweet! they're like peas in a pod - i think i'd better keep my eye on them when they're older (who am i kidding - they get into mischief right now! lol)

so, he's napping right now, exhausted from an early morning (we left around 6 am) and a long day. he was getting pretty grumpy by the time we got home. well, gotta go get supper ready. ed's parents are coming over for dinner tonight. have a good evening! h

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