Saturday, April 12, 2008

"normal" stuff! gotta love it!

asher's making some progress. it's been so nice the last few days. i think he's starting to feel better. he's certainly less puffy now, and his mood is much improved. still tired and short of breath, but his colour is better, he's not refluxing as much, but he really is much better than he had been. (before you ask, he'll still need OH surgery in the next little while, this improvement isn't going to stop that, since his pulmonary veins are still blocked. but some of the symptoms are improving). he's still irritable like a bear, but it's a normal kind of irritable.

he's frustrated that he's not like blithe and bram. he can't stand up at the coffee table and play trains with bram, so he yells at us. and he's surprisingly computer-savvy for a 16-month-old. he loves watching Thomas songs on YouTube, and he knows that to do that, i need to have my hand on the mouse. so he looks at me and points to the mouse and yells "DA! TA! DA! DA!" yup, there's a "T" in there, for Thomas. he's getting there! wait a minute... that means that i'll have 3 children yippin and yappin at me all the time. why is this a good thing? lol ;) oh, and the "TA" is not a fluke. he saw bram's thomas place mat, and yelled "TA! TA! TA!" and pointed at it. i really don't know which of my boys is more obsessed. did you know asher has his own tank engines? seriously! he loves the magnets, and puts them together in a line and pushes them around his high chair tray and says "voovoo!" ain't he great?! :)

and one more thing. yesterday morning, he was in his playpen for a bit (he spends a lot of time in one of those 2 places right now, due to his extreme shortness of breath. we limit his free time, but he's cool with it). anyway, he wanted the VeggieTales CD on. so he grabbed onto the top rail of the playpen and PULLED HIMSELF UP!!!!!! ONTO HIS FEET!!!!!!! AND STAYED THERE FOR A GOOD 5 SECONDS!!!!!!! he lost his balance when he pointed at the stereo and yelled at me. but he even knows where the music comes from! what a smarty.

i have changed my position on his future career. i told him the other day, that if he keeps the heart he has, he has to do something boring and/or with as little stress at possible. then i added, that if he gets a new heart (you know, one with a left ventricle), he can do whatever he wants, including doctor. cardiologist would be nice, but only if he has a new heart. the one he has would conk out his first day on the job! so new heart, stressful job ok. wonky heart, stressful job bad.

well, there you have it. oh, one little tidbit about the trains that i forgot. if you put 2 tank engines and a coal car in front of him, he'll put the odd tank engine aside and stick the tank engine and it's car together and make them drive around the tray. that's right.... HE CAN MATCH!!!! what a smartie! woohoo!!! :)

talk to you later! h

ps - if you're going to the women's rally today, don't read my blog yet. i'm going to be reading what i posted last night. not really cheating, just thinking with keys under my fingers. :) i just don't want you to feel cheated. if you're not coming this afternoon, then feel free to read my blog. link's on the side bar. :)

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