Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i'm putting a "survey" on the sidebar. check it out (you may need to scroll down a bit)

as i wrote in the last post, asher has figured out how to pull himself up to standing in his playpen. now, he has figured this out in his crib, as well, where he is working on JUMPING, too. lovely. saturday night, he didn't get sleep till about 10:45, he was so excited over this newly acquired skill. needless to say, he now takes forever to fall asleep. why? you ask. he has discovered that, now that he's upright, he can change the songs on his music box in the crib, and he happily spends a good 10 minutes (at least!) playing with that, before finally laying down and going to sleep. this wouldn't be so bad, except that a) he's so tired from his heart stuff so he needs his rest, and b) we're so tired from his heart stuff (and everything else!) that we need our sleep! ah, well, at least he's playing and not crying. so i can't complain too much (i say in the morning after sleeping in, and not at 11:00 pm when i'm exhausted and all i want to do is sleep and that music is keeping me awake AGAIN!)

well, apparently, he has realized that he can pull himself up on other things, too. this morning it was the bathtub. and he was trying to step sideways around the inside of the playpen, as well. yikes! pretty soon he'll be cruising around with the little nemo car, and then it's just be him and his IV pole racing around my house non-stop. (good thing about the whole half a heart thing, he can only go in short bursts, so at least i'll be able to catch him! lol)

i'm starting a poll on the sidebar, asking when you think he'll start walking. i figure, we'll make this a little interactive, have some fun together, instead of me writing and you reading and we're so isolated. let's have some blog fun together, shall we? :) so, when will i start pulling out my hair and crying in a corner? lol

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