Monday, April 28, 2008

there is hope! :)

so, i'm sitting down for lunch after getting home from my massage. i'm eating some delicious Autumn Garden Vegetable (by Knorr. i highly recommend it! dreamy, really!). anyway, the little bug is in his playpen when he sees me eating. so, of course, he flips out; he only wants me to hold him, no one else will do. so, i hold him, thinking, i can hold him and eat at the same time. we tried to give him a mum-mum, but that was a no-go. well, apparently, what he wanted was my soup. so, i figure, a little bit can't hurt, right?

well, i put some on the spoon, and he licked it off and said "mmm." then he reached for my spoon again! anyway, the first couple licks, i don't think he really understood what he was doing, just kind of licking a yummy spoon. but after a minute or so, he had a little lightbulb moment, and he wanted to really eat soup!

so, i kept giving him little bits, just a couple drops that he could lick off. and every few licks, there was a clear swallow sound. and know what? no coughing! no gagging! no turning blue! no wet, crackly breathing! that's right, folks, HE DIDN'T ASPIRATE OR ANYTHING!!! HE JUST SWALLOWED THE SOUP OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!

there is hope. my little boy will learn to eat. it'll be slow, but he can do it. he won't have this tube forever! i think he really liked eating, too. he was so proud of himself. once again, it seems that asher has just decided that he's going to do something, so now he's going to do it.

i'll keep you posted as he tries other foods. tonight i might give him some refried beans and sour cream or something. well, have a wonderful, hope-filled day! h :)

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