Monday, August 11, 2008

yes, i'm showing off, but it's an update, too. i'll post about cardio in the morning. it's not a fun post like this one, so it'll wait.

tada! i made this card up tonight, but alas, as pretty as it is, i must part with it tomorrow. i'm giving it away. which, when you think about it, is the very reason we make cards. i mean, really, what's the point of making a card if you don't give it away? why would you give a card to yourself? unless you're jan brady and trying to convince people you have a boyfriend, i can't think of any reason why someone would make a card and keep it for themselves. oh, wait. as i type this, i can see a card i made months ago, just for something to do, and i have yet to give it away. so, ok, forget i said anything about losers who keep their cards for themselves. ... so, um... moving along now...
i made this card for one of the doctors at the children's hospital. he very graciously met with me this afternoon to address some concerns i had, and went out of his way to accomodate me. he listened to my ideas, and in fact, really liked one (the idea about the list of asher's conditions). he's going to make sure we get a list of asher's conditions and put it in the front of his chart in emerg, so that regardless of who the attending physician is and how well we know them, the doc will know of all of my boy's "issues" and quirks, and any extra information that may not be known off the top of their heads (eg, irradiated blood products due to immunodeficiency, risk of drowning associated with reflux, the link between asher's reflux and his heart). in fact, dr a went even further, and surprised me by printing off the schedule of attending emerg docs for august and september. then he added, "the october schedule should be finalized by the end of the month. if you email me, i'll send it to you then." seriously! and so, other than a very embarassing "wardrobe malfunction," i think the meeting went very well and was very productive. and given that i seem to be the thorn in his flesh over the last 8 months or so, i'd like him to know how much i do appreciate his graciousness, time and efforts to placate an obnoxious mom who seems to like to complain. ah, well. at least i didn't drag him onto the news this time! lol

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