Wednesday, August 6, 2008

how did i forget this?!

a long overdue follow-up to my post about emerg on monday.

dr hamilton called me on tuesday morning. he had just gotten off the phone with dr russell (asher's toronto cardiologist) and given her all the details of asher's current condition. she says, "he's supposed to come here in october. but it sounds to me like he can't wait that long." so, she wants to see him in the next few weeks.

tuesday afternoon, while at my psych appointment, SickKids called and left a message. asher's appointment is now scheduled for Wednesday, 20 August. full sedate echo (which will, i assume, include detailed imaging of asher's aortic arch) at 10:30, and then we see dr russell at 1pm. a long day, and a stressful one.

i don't think i'll be getting any good news at this appointment. please pray for us.

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