Monday, August 25, 2008

some favourite asher pics from the picnic. for the rest of the pics, check out the link in the previous post

this past saturday was the 2nd annual CHD family picnic. this was organized by the CHD support group i'm in on facebook. it was a great day, full of chicken burgers and hot dogs from Maple Lodge (and provided free of charge by CardiacKids, from SickKids). they also brought a NASCAR car (mark dilley's car, for those non-nascar folks who don't know, lol). all in all, it was a great day. the kids all had a blast playing together, and it was so nice to spend time with other parents who know from personal experience what this life is like.

here's some of the best pics of asher....

asher's bum.

jodi lin, ryley, asher, hunter. one of these kids has their own original healthy heart. the others are single ventricles and transplant. other than asher (duh!), can you guess which kid has which heart? betcha can't! and that's the best thing about this picture, if you ask me. :)

asher, trying to grab my camera.

asher grabbed my camera.

asher and dominic. 2 single ventricles, neither of whom seems to understand this.

it really was a wonderful day. asher made a new girlfriend, dominic's older sister jodi lin. yup, it's love, folks, but i don't think i'll be publishing those somewhat scandalous pics here, thank-you very much. they're in the FB album, though. lol anyhoo....

great day. thank-you so much, jenaia, for organizing the day. it really was wonderful to finally put some faces to the names and stories we read about on the wall and discussion boards. can't wait till next year! :)


Annie said...

so love the bum picture. :)

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...

I would love to talk to you, my son has HLHS and right now we are trying to figure out way he has low t-cells. Sounds like we have alot in common.
Heart Hugs- Brytten