Sunday, August 31, 2008

aw, we were doing so well.....!

... and even when it happened, he was cool with it.

that's right, folks, asher's tube came out today. which meant, of course, another trip to Interventional Radiology. you know, i hate that part of the hospital. and so does asher. he knows, as soon as they put the lead on and bring in the cart with sterile equipment, he starts to cry and cling to me.

and all i can do is pin him down and tell him that he's doing great.

we almost went the whole of august without a tube change. almost 2 months with the same tube.

and then, when annie was over this afternoon, asher joined us outside, with his tube trailing behind him.

ah, well, such is life with asher. just when we start thinking we're going to spend the rest of the day at home relaxing, we have to rush off to london.

it's exhausting, and i'm tired of it. but, as i told someone recently, i'll take it, because the alternative is much, much worse.

thanks for letting me vent a bit. we both just hate tube changes so much. :(

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sue hiebert said...

that's too bad - it seemed like things were going so well this afternoon. he was so content.