Sunday, August 3, 2008

maybe i should have read my notes first...

i knew i needed my notes when i was posting on wednesday! arg, i hate it when this happens. i want this blog to be as accurate as possible, and then i go and do something like this. well, here's the correction:

regarding asher's t-cell function. i said the other day that, although his counts are low, the cells he does have, work, so they're not overly concerned. i think i forgot to mention that, when the fellow discussed asher's case with the division head, he said that asher's t-cell function was "insufficient" and required further testing and clinical follow-up. hence the appointment in october for more bloodwork. this bloodwork will be further testing of asher's t-cell function. this is a long test, done over several days, which is why they couldn't do the test on wednesday. the results would have been available over the weekend, and the techs aren't keen on coming in on the long weekend. so, we have to wait till october.

ok, i think that's it. sorry about the inaccuracy, folks. i usually take such care to ensure that my posts contain the most accurate information i have, and i dropped the ball this time. sorry about that. ah, well. now you know... have a great holiday monday! :)

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